Neem Tree

Neem tree


Meliaceae –family of mahogany trees

When swarms of locusts strike in tropical areas and eat away in wide areas, everything is defoliated except the neem trees. The neem tree is a large, tropical tree, indigenous to India, South East Asia and West-Africa.

Plant characteristics

Neem trees grow extremely fast in dry and hot climates. It is a tropical tree with a broad crown. It resembles an ash tree and it can reach heights of 30 m. After 3 to 5 years the first flowers make their appearance. They look a bit like an even prettier kind of lilac. The fruit of the tree resemble elongated olives and just like the leaves they are attached with small stems. They start out being green and hard, gradually turning to yellowish and soft as they ripen. Neem trees can reach an age of 200 years.


The word 'neem' stems from the Sanskrit language (the source of all Indo-European languages) and means 'fetching welfare and healer of disease' . The botanical name 'azadirachta' is taken from the Persian word 'azad-darakth' equivalent to 'generous tree'.

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